Rental Terms

c) in the transport of passengers or goods in exchange for income

These October decommissioning terms ('contract') are an annex and integral part of the vehicle delivery form and the lease agreement ('Form') signed between the parties. According to this agreement (in short, the 'lessor'), maliki or the owner of the business has rented the vehicle specified in the form to the lessee whose name and address are located on the form on the specified dates. The lessee shall use the vehicle subject to this agreement in accordance with the conditions (rental period, return time, return station, etc.), declares and undertakes to pay the rent in full and on time. By signing this agreement, the lessee assumes all obligations related to the lessee. The tenant, the need to delivery of the vehicle pick up, and return to the form to be held during delivery of the vehicle will not refrain from signing the forms for you to sign a form will be deemed to have unconditionally accepted them written in the form if you have any objections to the content, not by way of signature refrain from, but the cost of claims through to their appeal and specialist expertise with a record that can take in advance is accepted.

If an action of the lessee contrary to the provisions of this Agreement and the aforementioned law is determined by the lessor, the vehicle will be delivered immediately to the nearest branch by the lessor without any other warnings and warnings in response to the first request of the lessor. Otherwise, the lessor is obliged to eliminate any material and spiritual losses incurred. The lessor reserves the right to terminate this Agreement at any time without any reason.

1) the address declared by the lessee in the contract and annexes is the legal notification address, and all notices to be made to this address will be notified and considered valid in accordance with the provisions of the notification October law, unless the lessor is notified of the change of address in writing.

2-) the lessee by signing this agreement, both in terms of operational and mechanical fairing and robust tool in question are delivered in good condition and that the vehicle is delivered as specified in the form that it is essential that the vehicle will be specified in the form of any defect during delivery, otherwise the return of the vehicle to the lessor by the tenant caused the defect is determined during all kinds of parties are in agreement that will be accepted. The lessee agrees that there are no signs of damage or accidents at the time of delivery of the vehicle, other than those identified in the form.

3 -) the lessee shall return the vehicle to the rented office or to the lessor's office in another place specified in the contract, as well as all documents belonging to the vehicle, accessories, spare tire. The renter will request a baby seat, navigation device, the process of using the rented vehicle. additional services and equipment must also pay the additional rental price to be reported by the lessor in accordance with the provisions of this agreement October. In addition, a child seat, navigation device, portable modem, etc.that the tenant will request during the use of the rented vehicle. it will return additional services and equipment to the rented office in the condition it receives at the beginning of the lease, or to the rented office in another place specified in the contract. The lessee undertakes to pay the costs incurred in case of damage, deterioration, loss of the devices and equipment in cash and once. The amount it will pay in cash and once is zero for the brand/model of the October product.

4-) that is received in good condition delivered to the lessee in vehicle usage errors and/or inattention inside and outside the vehicle because of indiscreet counted without being limited to damage to, malfunction of the vehicle, because it is too dirty to be cleaned with normal washing conditions the vehicle requires repair and cleanup, but under the rules uncollectible insurance insurance demand and traffic in the presence of third persons arising out of lessor and need all kinds of direct and indirect damages, losses, exclusive of damages and penalties, the tenant is responsible.

5 -) if the maintenance period of the vehicle comes during the use period, the tenant is obliged to call the call center, make an appointment with the Authorized Service and make periodic maintenance of the vehicle as a fee. If the car is not periodically maintained and/or the car is used despite the fault warning lights are on, the lessee undertakes to pay in cash and once.

6 -) The lessee must have a driver's license at least 21 years old and 1 year old in Economy Group vehicles, a driver's license of 25 years and 2 years in middle Group vehicles, a driver's license of 28 years and 5 years in Upper Group vehicles. October-October-January-may be the year in which the tenant will be able to complete the terms and conditions of the lease, as the tenant will be notified in writing in advance and/or record the information on the contract, and the additional driver will be provided with the same conditions as the tenant. Otherwise, the lessee is solely responsible for any direct and indirect damages that may arise from both the lessor and third parties.

7 -) Turkish citizens are required to present their driver's licenses and national identity card. In order to qualify for the lease, these persons will be subject to a credit check that they must pass, and those who cannot pass the credit rating check according to the criteria set by the lessor will not be entitled to rent a car.

8 -) at the beginning of the lease, the lessee receives a guarantee from the lessee in the groups of vehicles that he deems appropriate.

9 -) rental period is minimum 24 hours. For leases shorter than this period, the rental fee will be calculated as 1(one) day. The lessee is obliged to pay the rent price calculated on the number of days of rent of the daily rent fee in the current price tariff in cash and once in advance. Apart from the rent fee of the rentersee also;

a) no fee collection will be made for extensions up to two hours. For leases exceeding 26 hours, one day's rent is charged to the customer. If the car does not return on the return date specified in the vehicle lease agreement and the lease period is extended, the 'lessor' reserves the right to change the daily rental prices to be applied

b) pay a one-way fee that may arise at the end of the lease

c) the vehicle is delivered to the lessee with the amount of fuel specified on the 'vehicle delivery form'. The difference in fuel cost arising from the delivery of the vehicle at a level lower than the amount of fuel specified on the 'vehicle delivery form' and the total of the service cost to be applied at the rate of 15% of this price

d) fuel, highway tolls, all kinds of parking and transportation costs and all kinds of side costs for the use of the lessee, costs and all costs incurred after the delivery of the lessee to the lessee belong exclusively to the lessee and is obliged to pay all costs in this scope.

e) HGs in vehicles (Rapid Transit System) the lessee will pay the rent return with the addition of 20% service fee on the price he passes to the relevant office.

10 -) the tenant will make payments by credit card or voucher (current) at the beginning of the rental period. If the lessee does not pay the rent and other costs and legal payments under the contract, the lessee agrees and undertakes to pay default interest of 5% (five percent) per month from the date of the invoice, without any notice or warning. At the beginning of the lease, a collateral fee in exchange for the initial amount of the lease will be charged on the tenant's credit card. The lessee agrees in advance that he will not object to the collection of the rental fee, all kinds of traffic and illegal transit, etc.penalty fees and damages.

11 -) it is possible to get the return date specified in the contract to a later date with the approval of the lessor, as well as the payment of the lease price for the new lease period. An extension of the lease term without the consent of the lessor is not possible, even if the rental price is paid. This is a fixed-term lease agreement, and unless the parties have an explicit agreement otherwise at the end of the period, the rented vehicle, product / October product will be returned to the lessor without any notice or notice.

12 -) the lessee shall use the vehicle subject to the contract in accordance with the traffic laws and instructions and with care, and shall comply with the traffic rules. The lessee must comply with the law, regulations and all relevant legislation. The tenant cannot be relieved of liability by claiming to be unaware of these obligations as a driver. The tenant is responsible for all kinds of civil and criminal costs incurred as a result of acts contrary to the legislation. After delivery to tenant of loans, unpaid traffic tickets and relevant cut from the vehicle by the lessee, the lessor and the lessee related to penalties and/or be declared by the relevant authorities and with the condition that the penalty to be paid by lessor, within the statutory period for each process to 20% of the corresponding value (maximum 100₺ be) from the tenant by applying the service fee will be charged. The lessee, immediately upon first written notification, as well as the cost that the lessor must pay without the need for a court decision, as well as the cost of services, criminal conditions, etc. it accepts, declares and undertakes to pay all additional fees in advance, regardless of what name they are under October.

13 -) rental of the rented vehicle in any form and condition, although free of charge to third parties is prohibited, the vehicle is also;

a) by a driver not specified as an October driver

b) by pulling or pushing any vehicle

c) in the transport of passengers or goods in exchange for income

d) for use outside the borders of the Republic of Turkey

e) race, speed determination, rally, robustness test motor sports and normal traffic closed and unsuitable roads

f) land conditions and road conditions that are not suitable for the technical and tolerable forces determined by the manufacturer of the vehicle

D) in customs legislation and in the transport of substances contrary to other laws or in illegal work

h) it is strictly prohibited to use any illegal business, terrorism, state and illegal matters. If any of these situations are detected, any damages of the lessor will be borne by the lessee immediately upon the first written notice. The lessor's right to terminate the contract is reserved

I) it is strictly prohibited to use the vehicle outside of highways and not to allow it to receive rescue services

14 -) all legal compulsory insurance of the rented vehicle has been made by the lessor. The lessee agrees and undertakes to cover the liability for damage and any costs associated with it without objection in case of damage to the vehicle under the following conditions:

a) if he is under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs and/or sleep retardant drugs at the time of the accident

b) in cases where legal speed limits are exceeded (the accident detection report states that the accident occurred due to speed) and in any way the vehicle is used in violation of traffic laws

c) in cases where the traffic accident report (contracted minutes, police or Gendarmerie report) is not received

d) If, after the conclusion of this agreement, the lessee loses the right to drive for any reason (confiscation of the driver's license, any disease that prevents traffic, etc.) immediately notify the lessor of the situation and return the vehicle. If the tenant does not return the vehicle, although he does not have the authority

e) in cases of damage and/or accidents caused by the use of the vehicle by persons other than those designated as October drivers in the lease agreement and the lessee

f) in cases where the damage cost is not paid in accordance with the general conditions of the insurance policy and/or the insurance company is not paid for any reason from the scope of changes to the legal legislation and related regulations by the Undersecretariat of Treasury and/or the insurance and reinsurance companies Association of Turkey

D) in case of vehicle theft, the General Casco rules apply and cannot be included in the scope of the Casco, which insurance companies like theft do not qualify as theft, and the lessee agrees in advance to pay the cost of the vehicle and other damages if the insurance companies do not pay

h) if in any accident in which the lessee is involved with the rented vehicle, the lessee is given a penalty for alcohol, drugs, leaving the scene of the crime or in any way not complying with general traffic rules, the lessor may claim from the lessee any direct and indirect damages suffered due to the accident, as well as the rental price

15 -) the lessee and defined additional drivers are obliged to fulfill the following measures to protect the interests of the lessor and the insurance company in October in case of accidents or damage during the lease period:

a) take the maximum security measures that can be expected of him, the vehicle and third parties

b) report, police and/or Gendarmerie report, etc. providing all necessary traffic accident reports and documents and transmitting them to the lessor Juliane

C) obtaining a photocopy of the driver's license, license and traffic policies of the counterparties/parties

d) taking a photo of the crime scene

e) notification to the nearest police or Gendarmerie in the event of an accident resulting in material, fatal, bodily damage

f) delivery of all accident-related documents to the lessor within twenty-four hours of the accident

g) also can be used for earthquake, flood, hail, landslide, lightning drop etc. in case of any damage to vehicles/vehicles due to natural disasters or terrorism, chaos that may occur, provide the necessary reports and documents from the relevant official authorities related to these damages and deliver them to the lessor no later than 48 hours Jul

16 -) the lessee is obliged to park the vehicle closed and locked in such a way as to ensure all kinds of safety. In order to benefit from theft assurance in case of theft of the vehicle, it is obliged to prove that it has taken the necessary measures by returning the license and key and has made the necessary applications to the relevant security authorities. Otherwise, the lessee is obliged to pay the current purchase price of the vehicle and other damages in cases that are not included in the insurance coverage and no damage is paid by the insurance company. The lessee must pay the cost of re-removing the two plates and the cost of service for damages caused by the loss of the plate, and the cost of the key determined by the manufacturer in the loss of the key, including the cost of Service

17-) 3. all responsibilities and obligations not covered by traffic insurance belong to the lessee and all damages and damages that can be appealed to the lessor due to the title of owner/operator shall be covered immediately by the lessee upon the first written request of the lessor without the need for a court decision.

18 -) the lessor shall not be responsible for the loss, theft, theft or damage to any property carried or left in the vehicle by the lessee in any way. The lessee releases the lessor from the claim, complaint and damage that may occur as a result of such loss and/or damage, and waives these rights

19 -) since the lessor does not produce the vehicle, he cannot be held responsible in any way for any material and spiritual damages and losses that may occur as a result of mechanical or manufacturing error of the vehicle or its spare parts. The parties agree that the responsibility of the lessor is limited to the delivery of the vehicle conveniently for use and the performance of the necessary maintenance without interruption.

20 -) if the lessee does not comply with any article of this agreement, especially if he does not deliver the vehicle on the agreed date, the lessee agrees and undertakes that the lessor has the right to immediately return the vehicle, regardless of where it is located and without any notice and warning or court decision. The lessee is obliged to pay the damage and expenses that may occur during the return of the vehicle by the lessor immediately upon request. The lessor is not responsible for the loss or damage of any objects or substances contained in the vehicle during the recovery of the vehicle

21-) even though the contract ended the period of the tenant's refusal to deliver the agent that constitutes a crime under criminal law, the duration of the lease of the vehicle and/or users defined in the contract, except for the use and/or unlawful manner, damage to the vehicle in use in the sense of responsibility and no insurance, guarantees and can rise to legal rights, knowing that agrees to provide

22 -) stamp duty and all costs arising from this agreement belong to the lessee.

23-) this agreement is arranged in Turkish and English. English Turkish text shall be based on any differences and/or contradictions between Turkish and English texts.Dec.

24-) the parties to this agreement any disputes that may arise from the lessor's books, documents, statements and telephone, video, audio and computer records, including all kinds of records HMK m. It accepts and undertakes that there is conclusive and exclusive evidence in accordance with 193. In parallel, the lessee also accepts and undertakes to waive in advance the right to offer any defi, objection and oath that the 'lessor's records are duly kept' against the above mentioned. This article is a contract of evidence.

25 -) it has installed a vehicle tracking system on the leased vehicles so that the lessor can track the leased vehicle and stop and return the vehicle if necessary. The tenant of the leased vehicle if the vehicle tracking system is mounted in the vehicle and he was being followed if it does not return the vehicle on the return date specified in this Agreement, and/or contractual relationship continues, the lessor, if deemed necessary by using this system can be determined and the location of the vehicle consents to that fact and he knew he could stop the vehicle when the suspension of the vehicle due to any compensation whatsoever under the namespace and name of the lessor and/or damages in advance not to claim has been accepted. The lessor accepts, declares and undertakes that he will not abuse his authority to follow and stop the vehicle. If the vehicle tracking system in question is damaged, dismantled, attempted to be dismantled or otherwise interfered with the system due to the lessee, all losses incurred by the lessee, including the cost of disassembly and installation of the system and the device, will be immediately covered by the lessee. The lessee agrees in advance that all interventions in the vehicle tracking system mean termination of this Agreement.

26-) the tenant, with the price listed above-mentioned limited to) the present general conditions of delivery and return the form to the poet all the prices arising from any permission, and without notice provision kiracin that are collected from credit card without being limited to the duration of the contract is considered irrevocable. Even if this agreement expires or is terminated for any reason, this 26. his clause will remain in effect indefinitely.

27 -) if both parties are legal persons (otherwise, the provision of this article will not apply.) Since the parties have the title of data controller in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Law No. 6698 published in the Official Gazette dated 07.04.2016, all kinds of personal data belonging to all parties related to the parties, including those who benefit from products and services with this awareness, will show maximum sensitivity in processing and maintaining in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Law No. 6698, , personal data that is being processed and for what purpose any of the customers that is saved and maintained in case of a request for information, in accordance with the law will be promptly replied, customers ' personal data will continue to be regarded as duly hide all the information by the parties, specified in legislation in order to ensure the security of personal data processed, maintained and legally all kinds, which are parties agrees to provide technical and administrative security measures to take in advance. The parties agree, declare and undertake that all activities related to the processing of personal data that they receive and/or collect from each other and are jointly responsible for will always comply with the applicable legislation. The definition of processing includes any actions that can be taken using data, including the acquisition, collection, recording, storage, analysis, reporting, aggregation, filing, deletion and destruction of personal data. The parties are jointly responsible for the compliance of their employees with the legislation in relation to the personal data for which they are responsible. Although the parties are jointly liable for any damages caused by third parties due to the violation of their obligations specified in this article, they reserve the right to appeal to each other in their internal relations at the rate of their defects.

28-) lessor, in the matter of the Law No. 6698 on protection of personal data of personal data in accordance with the provisions of this Agreement, and your personal data obtained signature of this agreement in accordance with the act, invoice issuing, selling, renting and poet of the contract monitoring process, the monitoring of financial and accounting procedures, and other legitimate purposes, processes, maintains, and in a way that is compatible with regulations and policy issued by the company considering destroyed by legitimate purposes and/or alenilestirir. The Lessor; vehicle, make, model, license plate, tenant, user, October driver, credit card etc. information such as service receives 3. sharing it with individuals and organizations in accordance with the contract and law cannot be considered a violation of privacy. The lessee or the person who signs on the return/delivery form accepts this authority of the lessor in advance. In order to get more detailed information about the measures taken by our company on the protection of personal data and the methods and purposes it uses you can review the company policy published on our website called alan. English Turkish and English. I accept that I have studied and read the front and back of the contract. This agreement is in Turkish and English. I accept that I have examined and read the front and back of the agreement.

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